Health authorities monitor manditory face shields

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The  Ministry of Health (Minsa) continues to monitor the mandatory use of face shields.  

Health Minister Luis Francisco Sucre, announced that establishing the mandatory use of these protectors would first be in public passenger transport.

Sucre emphasized that, according to the experience of other countries, the effectiveness of this protection has been shown to reduce infections between people, especially in crowded places.

He added that in the case of taxi transportation, Metrobus and Metro users must use them, since the physical distance required to prevent the spread of the virus is not kept.

With the increase in cases in recent weeks, the administrations of mass public passenger transport are recommending the use of face shields as an additional measure of protection.

On Friday, the Minsa reported 3,946 new positive cases, after the application of 16,170 tests, for a percentage of positivity of 24.4%. Active cases total 53,311.

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I wonder how many of the "cases" are just positive tests and how many actually are ill. How many Positive Tests never become ill, had no symptoms or just very mild colds. I know of several cases like that.

15 days ago
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