Covid deaths maintain downward trend

Door to door testing

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The Ministry of Health (Minsa), reported 348 new positive cases of covid-19 on Saturday. In addition, there were two deaths in the last 24 hours.  To date 9,345 tests have been applied, and a positivity percentage of 3.7% is maintained. The total number of deaths from COVID-19 is 6,187, which maintains fatality at 1.7%. Active cases to date total 4,063. There are 374 hospitalized and 317 of them are in the ward and 57 in ICU.

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Oh ya

Oh just wait they will spike up again as soon a a natural covid virus comes back and kills many of those who took the so called vaccine. This according to the ex VP of Pfizer who is very pro vaccine and having also worked for GAVI and the devil bill gates, he has developed vaccines and has patent some yet he says do not take the mRNA jab. So if you have done it get your bucket list finished and paperwork in order

25 days ago
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