COVID: 4,309  new cases , 94 deaths in 5 days

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Panama recorded its highest daily death toll from  the coronavirus on Friday  July 3, bringing the total in the past five days to 94 with 4,309 new cases.

On Monday, June 29, there were  1,099 new cases and until Friday the daily figure, provided by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), did not drop below 700 cases.

The total number of recorded cases since the virus first struck the country  in March is 35,995


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In the United States, the tests for COVID has increased as they have increased in Panama. COVID has increased in the USA but the death rates have gone way down. Unfortunately, the media likes to make it sound as though there is a serious issue. There is NOT! Herd immunity is being built. In Panama, the Country continues to be on lockdown with everyone required to wear masks that can cause other health issues. Children from the age of 2yrs and up wearing a mask and not being allowed to play outside with others except for very short times. This is absolutely insane! In Canada, 80% of COVID deaths are in senior facilities. Some areas have mandated masks where there is barely a sign of COVID. Insane also.

11 months ago

No, it’s a Govt. issue. Stop locking everyone up.

11 months ago

No, Big C, the VIRUS will do what it wants, we are just along for the ride. I guess your ego is too big to accept that.

11 months ago

What do you expect with the stupid attitude of the people!!! They have American attitude of "we will do what we want" So the next comment is the cemeteries are waiting and the funeral directors are getting ready to buy themselves a new vehicle. SMARTEN UP PANAMA!!!!!

11 months ago
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