COVID-19 deaths reach 1,497

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Wit 1,003 new positive cases on Monday, August 3, the  cumulative total of COVID-19 infections climbed to 68,456 and 26  new deaths brought the total since the outbreak began on March 9  to 1,497

During Monday 2,683 tests were applied, for a positivity rate  of 37%.

Active cases total 24,866 with23,384 in isolation, of whom 22,703 are in their residences and 681 in the hospital hotels.

1,482 people are hospitalized, of whom 1,317 are in the ward and 165 in intensive care units.

The  Health Ministry (Minsa) reported  that certifications for recovered patients are granted by the health center and the Regional Directorate of the entity or the installation of the Social Security Fund where the person was treated during the infection stage.

The entity announced that soon the certifications will be issued electronically  to recovered patients

After the people finish their home isolation, the health facility, which provided the care, will have to certify them as a non-Covid-19 patient.


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