COVID-19: 64,191infected, 1,397 deaths

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Dr Lourdes Moreno, head of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health who refused private treatment when she contracted coronavirus, returned to duty on Thursday, July  30 to present the latest casualty figures after 23 days. She reported that the number of  cases has reached  64,191, of which 38,218 have recovered 1,453 remain hospitalized, of those 1,292 are in the ward and 161 in intensive care

The number of deaths has climbed to 1.397, a fatality rate of 2.2%. 7,814 of the infections are in those under 20 years and from 20 to 39 years old, 27,668.

219,942 tests have been carried out (66,810 positive and 153,132 negative), of which 3,212 were applied on Thursday.

"The latest studies show that we have a smaller group of cases each time. In our epidemiological count, our statistical data tells us that the cases in Panama are going down, but they will continue to occur. The virus is still out there let's not ease up said.  Health Minister, Francisco Sucre.


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@MHogan Yes most of them died because of the rigorous lockdows caused by Cortizo Turner and the abnormal Sucre. All other countries surrounding Panama have much less deaths and cases per capita and people can go to work and earn money. There will be an aftermath and jail for these guys. They got lots of Hush Money from the WHO for making Panama in a WHO lab. And this lab is and was pure death for some people. The numbers and the lockdowns are speaking for themselves meanwhile the Regime here take care on the whales in the canal more than on the own people.

12 days ago

There is sadness beyond words to see that 1,397 people have died, linked directly or indirectly to COVID19. And I wonder of these poor souls died unnecessarily. It is my understanding that Panama has now approved Remdesivir (A very expensive treatment protocol) and another drug approved by the Russian Ministry of Health, but not HCQ with or without Z-pack (a very inexpensive drug). Also that foreign doctors may be permitted to help with the Coronavirus fight here. If anyone has the interest, and especially those who make or follow healthcare policies, I attach an article (for cut/paste to browser) a comprehensive report that is NOT for someone to breeze through but a detailed history of HCQ as it coincides with the beginning of COVID19 worldwide and exposes the blatant politics and scientific studies in detail which show which are false and which are true and WHY and HOW. Various scientists’s reports are broken down to pick out weaknesses or strengths and multiple countries explain their experiences and data. This is NOT an article for anyone not interested in facts and logic. First you will be directed to a general overview but by clicking “Read the Whole Article” at the bottom, you will be directed to the real meat of the HCQ debate with facts, figures, and experience that should blow your mind. I will say that at this moment, this article is still up but subject to censorship review. Here it is:

12 days ago
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