Causeway operations to ensure covid rules compliance

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The Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the Joint Task Force (FTC) have launched operations on the Amador Causeway to ensure compliance with preventive measures against Covid-19.

Since the opening of economic activities and the lifting of mobility restrictions, the number of visitors in the area has zoomed  which is why the Health authorities will deploy personnel, in coordination with the Joint Task Force (FTC), to monitor compliance with biosafety regulations.

“Because it is considered a public space in which a large number of people are concentrated who go out in search of recreation, the health centers of the Metropolitan Health Region, together with the FTC, will deploy professionals who together will ensure compliance with biosafety measures, the protocols established by the Minsa in this area,” said the Ministry.

According to the Minsa, today, on Thursday, and tomorrow Friday, the prevention and surveillance operations will be carried out between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm, while on Saturday the preventive actions will take place from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

It is reiterated that the use of masks is mandatory and that physical distancing is also essential.




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casual observer

Mighty tough talk from a tucker carlson wanna be. You think Panama is a police state? Move to Syria you dickhead. They don't make you pick up trash....they shoot you. Numb nuts.

1 month ago

JBB, do you live in Panama? If not, do you live in the US? Just curious.

1 month ago

What a bunch of tyrrants!! People can't even enjoy an afternoon outside in the sunshine and sea breeze without the thugs showing up! Thousands of snitches lurking around every corner here to report on their fellow citizens and then film for instagram them being beaten and taken away by cops. Anyone considering coming to Panama needs to think twice it's become Venezuela with just more food in the stores. The old saying snitches get stiches needs to start applying, known snitches need beat downs!

1 month ago
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