Call for firing of ministerial adviser after doctor’s covid-19 death

Dr. Eyra Ruiz

522Views 5Comments Posted 22/10/2020

Family members, medical colleagues of Dr. Carlos Manuel Mendoza Gobea, who died of covid-19, have requested "the dismissal of ministerial counselor, Dr Eyra Ruiz, for her lack of commitment, empathy, and solidarity with a human being and a medical colleague ", due to the late authorization that the Government to transfer him to be transferred to the United States to receive a lung transplant at a cost of $ 1 million. Mendoza. 31, was detained for 19 days in the Santo Tomás hospital and wa then he was transferred to the hospital of the Social Security Fund.

"Without a doubt, we feel total disappointment with the National Government ... they decided to delay (prolong) the approval process for more than 21 days. Throughout this month they insisted on several occasions for its approval; however, it was demonstrated that the priority of this Government is money and not human lives ", said a public statement.

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I would have to agree with Captain's assessment about Ecuador. It is a great place to visit with stunning scenery such as the Galápagos Islands, the cities of Cuenca and Quito, great mountain parks. That does not translate into a liveable country. There are lots of issues economically and they just had to go to the IMF for a $6.5 billion bailout. Although, my choice would be Uruguay, it has the highest cost of living of any country in Latin America, it is certainly not tropical. Its winters are cold and rainy similar to Seattle. It has nice popular beaches in the summer. There is no perfect place. Be honest with yourself about what you are looking for and what are the must haves. When you pick a place, only rent, NEVER BUY until you have been living in any place for a few years. The honeymoon period with any new country wears off. You don’t want to be stuck anyplace with all your capital tied up in slow moving real estate once you decide you no longer like the place.

1 month ago

If you are considering Ecuador , good luck with that. The only country where the majority of big time investors have pulled out due big time corruption and extortion plus they had to take bodies off the streets there as medical facilities couldn’t cope and families had to leave them for pick up on the streets. As a side point , I see the Texas fans on here have gone quiet. Texas now has top ranking in US for Covid cases and overtaken California. Hope all you guys are liking it back there ..stay safe.

1 month ago
casual observer

What the hell do you know tomcat? You don't even live here. You wearing a mask yet? Or are you a "macho man" (gay pride anthem) like your hero? If you catch this shit you won't get the same meds he did.

1 month ago

You just saved yourself a lot of misery Wanderer.

1 month ago

After reading the comments from this site among others we have decided to skip coming to Panama altogether. Ecuador and Uruguay are the top contenders. I want to thank all the commentors for their candor and honesty, a rarity in todays world.

1 month ago
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