Business  chamber calls for vaccination impetus

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Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture has called on the Government, on Wednesday, March 31, to repeal Executive Decree 260 that establishes measures to enter the national territory of people from South America, after the first case of the Brazilian variant of Covid-19.

At the same time, he called for the measures to be implemented to be discussed and sustained in a “balanced way, underlining the message that we are facing a health and socioeconomic crisis that must be faced in a comprehensive manner, where decisions cannot be made exclusively by the Ministry. of health".

In a statement, the Chamber insisted on the need to "accelerate the vaccination plan" by approving other vaccines that have already been certified by countries with high sanitary standards. "The country cannot settle for the current speed of the immunization process," said Jean-Pierre Leignadier, spokesman of the Chamber.

“We need more information about the expected arrival of the vaccines purchased for the second quarter of the year. Any general recovery plan for the country rests on the vaccination plan, to the extent that we can speed it up, we can protect the population; as well as, to resume with more impulse and confidence the economic activities that provide employment ”, he added.


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