Bars and restaurants in Casco Viejo  caught flouting covid health rules

Leobardo Labrador

696Views 2Comments Posted 17/10/2020

Ministry of Health (Minsa)  personnel and members of the Joint Task Force in Friday evening inspections in  Casco Viejo, detected multiple floutings of health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus including a wedding party.

In some places physical distancing rules were ignored, there were people without masks and meetings in bars.

Dr. Leonardo Labrador, head of Public Health of the Metropolitan Region, said that in some restaurants the distance of two meters between tables was not being met and that at this time only the family bubble is allowed and not social gatherings.

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Agree Very Panama. Thanks for your post and support. All our group restaurants and bars are remaining closed until vaccine. It’s tough on the business as that will be a year closed but we owe it to the community during this pandemic. Actually to be fair I find most people do follow the mask rules unlike some other countries. Anyway your support is appreciated

11 days ago

Absolutely disgusting human behavior. Shut these small businesses the hell down. Go home, put your mask on. This is a deadly virus.

11 days ago
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