April a “hard month” as COVID-19 cases hit 1,475 with 37 deaths

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As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 climbed to  1,475  with 37 deaths  on Thursday, April 2  Panama infectologist, Xavier Sáez Llorens, warned that " April is going to be a very hard month where we are going to get worse and we hope that with the  control measures  in the third week we will see an exit light ."

Ministry of Health (Minsa)  epidemiologist   Lourdes  Moreno clarified that in the 37 deaths it has been determined that despite the other pathologies suffered by the patients, in the end, their deaths were caused by the virus.

Moreno said that of those infected,  260 are over 60 years of age and represent 17.6% of the number of cases and 70% of deaths, 26 of the total of 37.

Meanwhile, the highest number of cases (1,143 is the  20-59 age group, between 20 and 59

There are 1,207 people, in-home isolation and  221 patients,  hospitalized including  69 in intensive care.

To date, 7,941 tests have been performed and 81.4% have proved negative.

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if possible, it would be informative, if as part of your total virus statistic, you include a breakdown of that number by district ie panama, cocle etc if available. keep up the good work it is appreciated. i forward your web site to whomever i send emails. thank you tom peraza

1 month ago

more than 37 people were murdered in Panama the month of March what about them?

1 month ago
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