Anti-covid measures at major soccer game light path to normal

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en10 days have passed since Panama hosted Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifier where attendance was restricted to soccer fans who had received two doses of an anti-covid vaccine.

There has been no major impact on the evolution of the pandemic instead there has been a decrease in new infections says Panama Health Director Melva Cruz.

“We would have already observed an increase in cases, but no, the cases have been decreasing, the deceased and hospitalized have also remained in the behavior since before the event. Then we can already see that the activity has not had an impact on the pandemic, "said Cruz.

For the doctor, this may be due to the measures adopted by the Panamanian Football Federation, of only accepting vaccinated people, and that the event was held in an open space.

For these matches, the use of the QR code was put into practice to control the entrance to the stadium and it is estimated that this system will be used for the total reactivation of block 6 in the coming months.

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I got both AZ shots. No problems. No clots. Go figure. "brian"....don't let the door knob hit ya bubba.

1 day ago

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1 day ago
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