9 children die from whooping cough

Vaccinations forbidden

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At least nine children have died from whooping cough in the Ngäbe Buglé comarca, where part of the community belongs to the Mama Tata religion, opposed to vaccination.

Itza Barahona de Mosca, director general of the Ministry of  Health(Minsa) told TVN Noticias aid, that during January has been working on the prevention and control of the circulation of the pertussis bacterium in the district of Santa Catalina, however, there are hard to reach points that have required the collaboration with the National Aeronaval Service (Senan).

Barahona de Mosca said vaccination is important and he also antibiotics. He has asked the population not to disperse because in some cases they hide and this does not allow them to be vaccinated. He added that they work together with the Vice Ministry The situation worries health  authorities as  There have been 85 reported cases of pertussis in this region, At the national level, Minsa  ensures that people are vaccinated against a whooping cough, and s they ask the indigenous population to cooperate

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