75% of covid hospitalizations have incomplete vaccinations

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The number hospitalized with covid-19 in Panama continues to reflect a high percentage of people who do not have a complete vaccination schedule, reports the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The report was released Thursday, August 11, with data collected until July 30 and based on information from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) says that "75% of those hospitalized are over 60 years of age with an incomplete scheme of vaccination and with at least one chronic disease.

The international organization highlights that from Epidemiological Week 23 (June 5 to 11) to EW 30 (July 24 to 30) a sustained decrease in the ward hospitalizations is observed, with a reduction of 14.3%; On the other hand, for the same period, ICU/Semi-ICU admissions have remained more or less stable, with a relative decrease of 6.9%.

PAHO also notes that as of July 30, 1, there were 444 hospitalizations in the ward and 105 in the ICU/Semi-ICU, and when comparing these admissions with the current ones, a decrease of 70.3% and 70.5% is reflected in the respective services.

According to the latest report from Minsa, until August 6,  145 patients were hospitalized in the ward and 20 in the Intensive Care Unit.

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