6,194 coronavirus recoveries

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The number of accumulated  cases of Coronavirus  in Panama reached 9,867 on  Tuesday May 119 day 72 since the first case was confirmed confirming the first case of COVID-19 in Panama.

 the National Epidemiological Surveillance System reported 141 new cases 3,055 people are in home isolation, 682 in hotels, 337 are hospitalized, 267 of them are in wards, and another 70 are in intensive care units.

281 people have died and 6,194 patients have recovered.

Some 51,815 tests have been carried out one of the highest per capita rates in the world. the   There were  4,164 cases of people aged  20 to 39;

(4,164), 40 to 59 years old (3,345), 60 to 79 years old (1,189) and over 80 years old (225)

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Indeed good luck but take care. Texas 8th highest infection rate in US and climbing fast. Hope other Gringos are aboard with you.

13 days ago

There is a humanitarian flight from Panama to Houston Texas on May 27th sponsored by United Airlines. I just spoke to a United Rep and there are a few seats left. I am going to see if I can get a power of attorney for sale of the vehicles and catch that flight next week. Wish us luck!

2 weeks ago
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