22 coronavirus cases in one residential building

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Overcrowding is compounding the fight against COVID-19 and Health authorities of Parque Lefevre found more than 20 people with coronavirus in a residence during a tracing mission on  Saturday, September  12.

Neighbors colloquially call the area of Panama Viejo "the mousetrap" because of the number of small rooms and subdivided houses, in which dozens of people live.

In one where 52 people live, there were 22 cases of COVID-19, especially in children.

One man who lives there and constantly roamed the streets refused to be tested. With police assistance, he was removed to a hospital hotel for quarantine and  treatment.

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https://c19study.com this data shows the truth that has been purposely hidden as people were left to die. THE FACTS are even without treatment 99.6% to 99.9% or MOST PEOPLE will live! Enough with the lies, fraud, deception and disinformation as people suffer from hunger and suicide ***** So its time the world go after the criminals responsible https://plandemicseries.com spread the truth and stop the propaganda. People need to pay for their crimes!

Last week

Which hotels are being used for Covid hospitals? The traveling public has a right to know! I'm going to put a tripadvisor post warning the public about this threat.

11 days ago

And this mousetraps are most of the buildings the poor live. And Cortizo closed them in this traps with his idiotic lockdowns ( persisting until today!) It's only a matter of time until he have his first murder case trial. He has now to pay the price. Justice.

12 days ago
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