Seven new sports structures for Central American Games Panama

Eduardo Cerda

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As Panama gears up for the staging of the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2022 .the director of Pandeportes, revealed that  the country will have to build at least seven structures at a time when the new government is facing leftover debts from the previous administration and has called for belt-tightening.

Eduardo Cerda said that a study is underway to determine how many structures can be remodeled for the regional sports event but it will be necessary to build a new covered swimming pool.

He also spoke of the need to build an exclusive stadium for athletics, two sports centers for different events, as well as a velodrome and a racket center.

He said that a few days ago the UK Minister of Investment of the United Kingdom visited them, who has shown an interest in financing the new structures.

"It's not the best of times time, but there are almost three years left for this sporting event and the intention is for things to be done well," said. Cerda who denied that they are in a time constraint to meet the goal.

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Big C

Here we go again - encouraging more graft and corruption! If we are told that it will be 5 million - the truth will be 2.5 million and out of that the Catholic church will get their cut for the absolution of the thieves sins for stealing. The start should be to straighten out Panama and DUMP the bishop, get sex education into the schools and what the previous person wrote and then if there is anything left over - spend it on sports.

6 months ago
Verde America

No, no,NO. Our money should not be used to build new sports stadiums. We need improvement to our water system. Some people still live without indoor toilets! Our school system needs a overhaul - we are dumming our kids down with this old educational system that can gain to focus on critical thinking skills. What is also needed is the creation of long term jobs- not jobs like building stadiums that last a few years. I could go on... The article also mentioned the English will help to finance... Nothing is free, especially from Europeans. What will be the hidden cost to Panama and Panamanians

6 months ago
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