PANAMA PAPERS scandal movie to unveil at  Venice Film Festival

Streep and the seductive lawyers

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The “Panama Papers” scandal that rocked financial centers around the world and brought politicians, business leaders and tax dodging sports and entertainment celebrities into a spotlight they for once didn’t seek,  has been made into a movie that depicts the disgraced protagonists  Ramon Fonseca and Jurgen Mossack. Varelas as seductive lawyers who helped hide billions of dollars from national treasuries.

“The Laundromat”  with a star-studded cast including three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep, will be presented to the world by the renowned director Steven Soderbergh on September 1 at the prestigious Venice film festival,  under the Netflix label. It will also appear at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). founded by Henk Van Der Kolk who launched the Panama festival IFF.

Alongside  Streep will be  Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Wright, Matthias Schoenaerts, James Cromwell and Sharon Stone, telling the story of how the now-defunct Panama law firm " Mossack & Fonseca ".

Antonio Banderas will play Ramón Fonseca Mora and Gary Oldman his partner in crime Jürgen Mossack. who were advisers to then-president  Juan Carlos whose activities were exposed by an international consortium of investigative journalists

In the production, Streep, winner of three Oscar awards and eight Golden Globes, plays Ellen Martin, a woman who, during a “dream vacation” takes a wrong turn and leads her down a rabbit hole of shady dealings that can all be traced to one Panama City law firm, run by the seductive partners . She soon learns that her minor predicament is only a drop in the bucket millions of files linking an off-shore tax scheme to the world’s richest and most powerful political leaders.

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