May 30th Religious Festivities - Corpus Christi

1,015Views 0Comments Posted 09/05/2024

May 30th one of the oldest cultural and religious festivities in Latin America is the festival of the Body and Blood of Christ, popularly known as Corpus Christi. This celebration dates back to medieval European times and came to America with the help of the Spanish conquistadors.  This festival, which combines the religious with the festive, is very important in colonial places such as La Villa, in Los Santos, and Parita in Herrera, whose organizers have already started the race to have everything prepared for the celebration.  And on May 30, this religious and very traditional solemnity is celebrated in honor of the Body of Christ , which includes traditional elements that date back to colonial times, such as dances, dialogues and costumes that have been preserved through over hundreds of years.  The dancers have already begun their cycle of practices, while the artisans make masks and costumes that are used in the celebration, which includes a cycle of activities that have been considered living heritage of Panama, and intangible cultural heritage of humanity, by the UNESCO.

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