$2.3  million for  Carnival high jinks

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Panama’s  Tourism Authority (ATP)will allocate $2.3 million for the organization of this year's carnivals, which will be held in different regions of the country February 21-25,

A note published in the Official Gazette says that $1.9 million will go to the Carnival of Panama City and the remaining “ $400,000“ to the rest of the country where the activity is celebrated. It is not specified which cities would benefit from the contribution that comes from the ATP budget.

The ATP will coordinate with the police, civil protection and health authorities for  “the maintenance of public order, safety, health, decoration, decency and public morality during the celebration of the holidays”.


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I agree with "panama", the dividing of the govt funding is very disproportionate. The way they should have done it was to canvass donations from businesses and individuals, then have the government match those funds. This way it is instilled in the people how civic pride works and how the govt is involved in the process. There are a lot of private businesses in Panama that make "0" contributions to charity.

8 months ago

this is a major holiday for the locals and as such i think it is a good idea for the goverment to help. the amount for panama city seems high and the rest of the country low .i think those in charge need to look at that again

8 months ago
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