Obama  backs youth climate change  action

Greta Thunberg launched a world movement

386Views 0Comments Posted 06/04/2019

Former US President  Barack Obama supported, on Saturday in Berlin, the mobilization of young people, every Friday, against lack of action on climate change.  

"The sooner they start, the better",said  Obama in a debate with a group of young people in the German capital.  

The ex-president gave his support to the protests of the adolescents, initiated by the  16-yeqr-old Swedish Greta Thunberg, every Friday to demand intensification of the fight against climate change.  

"A lot of these people cannot vote, they're still too young to vote, but they know what's going on," Obama added. 

"They would not let their grandparents decide what music they listen to, or what clothes they wear, why would they let them decide which world they are going to live in?" He asked.  

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