Forest fires  in Los Santos  up nearly 600%

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The number of forest fires in of Los Santos province has grown dramatically says Fire Chief, Jaime Ruiz. He that explained that only in the month of January 45 fires were attended throughout the province and another, while in January 2018 there were 6.

In the first days of February, there  have been eight fires

Ruiz explained that most of the reports come from the dry arc, which includes the districts of Los Santos, Guararé, Las Tablas, and Pedasí.

He said explained that the intense sun, combined with the strong breeze, is one of the main variables that affect the number of cases. "The wind causes these fires to spread rapidly and affects not only the flora but also the fauna of the areas reached," he said.

He recommended that villagers avoid burning garbage or setting fire to dry grass. 

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