ENVIRONMENT: Panama developing reforestation projects

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 Areas of Arraiján, and the Pacific coast are being evaluated to develop reforestation projects under the direction of the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) and the Ministry of Environment, in coordination with the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

The UABR was created when the United States handed the Canal  over to Panama at the beginning of the century

Fernando Paniagua, executive secretary of UABR, subscribed to the MEF, said that the current administration is evaluating possible reforestation projects whose improvement to the environment would be reflected in the long term.

The work of the UABR lies in respecting the protected areas intended to be protected by their land use, as a result of which the entity recently donated 20 hectares to the City of Knowledge for forestry reserves, said Paniagua.

In addition, the entity handles the transfer of 21 lots that occupy 25.5 hectares that will be incorporated into the Ancon Hill forest reserve.

The statement adds that when the lands were reverted to Panama, 60,615 hectares were reserved for environmental protection and of this figure, 11,000 are for reforestation

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