ENVIRONMENT: Assemby approves Bill eliminating single use plastics

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The replacement of single-use plastics in Panama will begin in 2021  according to a law that received third reading in the National National Assembly on Thursday, October 22..The bill  which had previously established a series of incentives and exemptions was  vetoed by the Executive Branch,

The project will be aimed at the progressive replacement of single-use plastic articles by products manufactured with reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials such as ear swabs, covers for laundry clothes, packaging for eggs, disposable stirrers. , plastic rods to hold balloons, toothpicks, cocktail sticks, plastic candy sticks, rings for cans and disposable plates. Replacement of single-use plastics with options labeled degradable plastic is prohibited.

The prohibitions for the use of single-use plastic products within institutional purchases would come into force on January 1, 2021. While in general commerce they would apply as of. July 2021. The proponent of the project, Independent the deputy Edison Broce explained that after the veto of article 19, the only thing that was done on this occasion was to eliminate this article to ensure that the document, which was in an advanced stage, was finalized." With the elimination of article 19, there will no longer be excuses for the Executive Branch to veto this project," said Broce.

The proposal seeks to avoid excessive environmental contamination of natural resources and attract investment from recycling companies. If it becomes law the initiative would join the rule that eliminated the use of plastic bags in shops in the country, to replace them with reusable bags made with biodegradable material.Broce assures that the exaggerated use of single-use plastic has had a negative environmental impact in recent years in many countries, and Panama does not escape this sad reality.

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Styrofoam containers should be included in tge ban.

29 days ago
Oh ya

2 things if panama is serious then singlebuse water .pop .juice bottles should be 1st on this list and 2nd teach the people not to litter .likevthat will ever happen

1 month ago
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