A macabre environmental joke

The ousted ,mayor of Taboga still pursues his oil storage dream

1,343Views 0Comments Posted 15/05/2019

The Isla Boná theme returns to the headlines for the wrong reasons. When Panamanians already thought that the page had been turned on the imminent threat against the second most important island for the nesting of seabirds in the Gulf of Panama, once again the defeated mayor of Taboga puts this ecological paradise at risk. Again, the business of concessioning the island for a marine fuel tank farm seems to be too attractive, given the reality of protecting our meager ecological heritage. In a country where our natural wealth should be a source of pride and a showcase for science, education, and ecotourism, we Panamanians find ourselves cornered by the greed of some and the irresponsibility of others. Where is the Minister of the Environment? Apparently, the ministry, that was a hope at the beginning of the current government, has ended up turning into a macabre joke. While politicians continue to act negligently with the ecosystems and species of this country, all life is in danger, and we can become a country full of regrets and without a future -  LA PRENSA, May 15.

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