12,000 seedlings to  revive devasted forestland

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Over 12,000 seedlings of native trees have germinated and will be planted to revive the forest cover of the middle basin of the La Villa River, in  Azuero which has been devastated by decades of felling and burning.

Moisés Barría, head of the government Environment agency  MiAmbiente in Macaracas,  said that the trees, guachapelí, corotú, cocobolo, guabita, bitter cedar, cedar Espino, and other native species of the region are among those to be planted.

Additionally, there are 2,000  coffee seedlings to plant in this period. 

In the middle basin of the La Villa, there are planted about 12 hectares of four varieties of coffee and there are the first 48 saplings of flying trees, used to make marjoram. 

The objective is to conserve native timber species and legumes in danger of extinction.

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