Venezuelan gets 4th Portobelo  triathalon win

1,134Views 0Comments Posted 14/04/2019

The Venezuelan Eduard Villalta recorded his fourth victory  and the Panamanian Carolina Dementiev  her second in the 22nd  Portobelo triathlon on Sunday, April 14

Villalta had had a time of 2: 43.07, followed by    Pedro Cordovez (2: 48.48) and Ronan Pavoni (3; 01.24). 

Dementieva recorded 3: 15.27.  and was followed by Cristina Mata and Wendy Ducreaux. 

The event started at 7:00 am from La Guaira and involved 1,600 meters swimming; 40 kilometers cycling and 10 km running. 

There were  152 competitors, 90 men, and 62 women. 



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