Local performers make Panama's Rio Carnival debut

Rio bound

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A delegation of Panamanian performers including the Afrodisíaco award-winning group and the singer Margarita Henríquez along with and Rosa Ibeth Montezuma, Señorita Panamá 2018, among others, will be representing the country during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro 2019 in March.

It is the first time that Panama will have a delegation that at the world-renowned Rio Carnival

The Brazil samba school Estácio de Sá will honor the isthmus with the theme "The faith that emerges from the waters", and the central theme will be the devotion to the Black Christ of Portobelo, as well as other Panamanian natural and cultural riches.

"It is an extraordinary idea for us to take Panama to Brazil through the most important cultural expression of our country," said the ambassador of Brazil in Panama, Ivania María de Oliveira, who also highlighted the welcome to the isthmus of thousands of Brazilians  for World Youth Day (WYD

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