Chamber Music Festival begins July 12

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Twenty 20 groups will perform in the Chamber Music Festival at the Anita Villalaz and La Huaca theaters Anita Villalaz and La Huaca theaters from Monday, July 12 to Thursday, July 29.

The initiative, organized by the Ministry of Culture through the National Directorate of the Arts, will consist of concerts, four talks, and two conferences with artists from the provinces of Panama, Chiriquí, Herrera, Panamá Oeste, and Coclé and from Costa Rica.

This festival will honor the Clarinón group for its 40 years of sharing music with Panamanian society.

This event will take place on July 12, at 7:00 pm, in La Huaca with the participation of Clarinón and the Ramiro A. Sánchez trumpet ensemble.

The festival program at the La Huaca de Atlapa Theater (all performances are at 7:00 pm) will be completed with the Isthmus Chamber Orchestra (July 13), the National Symphony Orchestra (July 15 and 29), Ferran and Coffeerized (July 17), the Flute Orchestra and Artistic Projections (July 19), the TamboJazz Collective (July 21), the Panama Folkbrass (July 22) and the James Hansen Bassoon Ensemble (July 26).

On the stage of the Anita Villalaz Theater (almost all activities will be at 7:00 pm) will be the Panamanian Esencias Trumpet Quartet (July 14), the Broncés Quintetof Panama (July 16), the Infinitum Wood Wind Quintet ( July 20, at 4:00 pm), the Cerrud Quartet (July 23), the Cantabile Quintet (July 24, at 5:00 pm), the Humoresque Duo (July 24), the Marcel Sax Quartet Ensemble (July 27) and the Duo Voce Ópera (July 28).

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