Priced For Immediate SALE - CHIRIQUI STORAGE S


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Chiriqui Storage - located halfway between Boquete and David.  Established December 2008. 

On 1.02 hectares:

  • 57 storage units of various sizes built out of 12 marine containers
  • Bi-monthly flea market – great cash income
  • Internet tower providing free internet and rent
  • Shaded property, 85% leveled, 40% utilized
  • 3 bedroom home
  • 38 foot fifth wheel permanently parked with stationary roof
  • Two year round creeks
  • 40 foot well
  • 161 meter highway frontage on new highway
  • Excellent location – halfway between David and Boquete
  • Expansion possibilities

Surrounding area is a hotspot of construction activity

  • Operation cost minimal
  • Wonderful loyal employee willing to stay on, knows every square inch of the property

$399,000  - open to offers.  We need to retire!!!!

For more information email or call 6541-0472

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Hellmut Pedersen
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