White-collar criminals dodging justice

1,146Views 0Comments Posted 17/01/2023


Today in Panama it is easier to saddle a cock than to prosecute a white-collar criminal. Our legal system has been shaped to prevent justice in corruption cases. Perhaps a few officials will be held criminally responsible for that crime, but those who steal millions will suffer no consequences. Criminal proceedings are a minefield as far as crimes related to corruption or money laundering from this crime are concerned. They are overwhelmed with so many ridiculous and unnecessary formalities that it is virtually impossible to prosecute the big shots because they have special processes, with privileges, immunity, influence peddling, and political protection, with friendly judges and magistrates, and they have deputies to stylize. and undermine the law. And if all that fails, they have money –many times stolen from the State– to buy consciences and sentences. But what is worse is that they count on our indifference, our bad memory, they count on our votes and tolerance, our cowardice and silence, and they count on one day we will also answer them: “what's up for me?”. Is this the Panama we should be proud of? –  LA PRENSA,  Jan. 17.

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