Water mains burst hits many city sectors

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Large parts of Perejil, Bella Vista, and surrounding sectors were without water on  Monday, September 21  following the fracture of a drinking water main on Calle  Manuel A. Guisado and  Avenida Nacional.

The National Aqueducts and Sewers Institute (Idaan) reported that, , the route was closed to repair the fault expected to take at least eight hours as there are traffic light cables in the area.

 Idaan metropolitan manager Susana Peña, explained that the incidence could have been caused by the high water pressures that are registered in the early morning hours.


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Same thing used to happen in Florida. They'd repair it quickly and get us back to normal water .... brown with a sulfur smell.

1 month ago
Oh ya

Yup high pressure and old rusty pipes Happens in every country

1 month ago
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