Venezuela opens file on Copa

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Venezuela's National Institute of Civil Aeronautics has opened a file on Copa Airlines for alleged violations when transporting the self-appointed president Juan on his return from a tour of South American  countries.

Copa ’s chief executive Pedro Heilbron said they have not yet been able to see the documentation on the alleged violations. Last week, Heilbron told CNN en Español that the airline did not know that Guaidó would travel with them to Venezuela reports La Prensa.

The company considers it pertinent not to issue comments at this time until the process ends.

In a TV program on Wednesday, March 13, Chavista leader Diosdado Cabello condemned the airline for transporting Guaidó who toured five countries in South America and returned to Venezuela through a flight he took in Panama City on March 4.

" I really would not let them land ever again in Venezuela," Cabello said during the broadcast of his weekly program.

According to Cabello, the airline committed a hostile act against Venezuela by transporting Guaidó from Panama City. "But hey, there are administrative procedures, little by little," he said.

Heilbron told CNN in Spanish that Copa staff did not expect the presence of this "special passenger", in a clear allusion to Guaidó.

The Maduro regime had threatened to arrest Guaidó if he entered the country through Simón Bolívar International Airport. However, he entered without problems mishap with his wife and work team.

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