US negates Martinelli escape route

Ricardo Martinelli.

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Former Panama President Ricardo Martinelli could be prosecuted for as many as a dozen cases that are not related to the wiretapping trial for which he was extradited from the United States in June 2018.

The United States Department of State, says the former plaintiff would no longer be protected under the principle of specialty extradition matters.

In a note addressed to the Public Ministry (MP), Thomas Heinemann the Counselor of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Department of State, indicated that, from now on, the principle of specialty contemplated in the extradition treaty signed by both countries in 1904 would not apply to the former president.

At the time, Panama’s  Supreme Court (CSJ) admitted at least 9 cases in which it was intended to investigate the ex-president reports TVN: Among them:

Impregilo extortion
Purchase of grains through the PAN
Isthmus Collections
Financial Pacific
353 illegal pardons
Embezzlement in Bahia Honda.

Last October, the Public Ministry (MP) requested control hearing before an investigating judge to authorize him to investigate the ex-leader for alleged embezzlement to the detriment of the Savings Bank and for alleged extortion of former mayor Bosco Vallarino.

In addition, there is the case called New Business , in which the purchase of the  Epasa Group  which publishes PanamaAmerica and Critica, allegedly with public funds  is investigated.

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Whatever charges. Whoever saw a honest politician so far (worldwide) should throw the first stone. Martinelli did a LOT of good things for the country, this is always forgotten because people are blind.

7 months ago
George Klk

Panama| Beginnings of a Central Isthmus Corruption Campaign. Claim: Corruption campaign started during former pres. Martinelli's reign...2009. False: Corruption campaign started before...2009, Martinelli's [deputies] were ALL TOO READY in the complicit operation, beginning with the PAN to purchase ISRAEL'S PEGASUS spy equipment. Facts: 1. Panama did not profit from the handover of the Panama canal revenues until after a few years of operation due to low early cost toll fee assessments. 2. Panama did not have assess to canal cost toll fee revenues for transparent equitable distribution. 3. Panama canal toll revenues was left to the state unregulated discretion of the National Assembly. 4. Panama National Assembly clandestine operation used the PAN to merit a corrupt payment system. 5. Former president Ricardo Martinelli immediately capitalized the use of the PAN system to establish a sophisticated clandestine operation of spy equipment to monitor his opponents for political purposes, cash and power involving international money laundering including Latin states with Brazil's Odebrecht mainly campaign re-elections. 6. Martinelli Supreme Court Magistrates knew the laws were corrigible and laxed and was complicit for easy criminal clandestine code operations. 7. Martinelli was give complete control of criminal clandestine code operations with investment and banking institution with suit case/s of money and allowed to leave the state unattended by his wife and or children after his term of office to hide his trail of corrupt operations and acquire his battery of lawyers. 8. Martinelli stalls and delay his absent court hearings from Florida, USA. 9. Martinelli use of his battery of lawyers delaying proceedings on the bases as a member of Parlacen, provided his ground work for impunity using complicit foreign Latin state cooperation. 10. Martinelli used every backup plan available to complicate any and all investigation against him including a lawsuit against the former vice president of Panama and the news media. Conclusion: Panama National Assembly created a corrupt operation based on a nontransparent function using the PAN program and therefore established a comprehensive corruption system as a welfare state with immediate access for re-election campaign sources from Brazil's Odebrecht, banking and financial institutions, PAN and canal revenues for their own self and family enrichments. Panama National Assembly was therefore able to conform the laws to suit their purposes for impunity and avoid reforming the constitution to their detriment. Panama National Assembly began nontransparent clandestine operations as the canal toll revenues began to increase with potential source revenues before the Martinelli era...2009. Former president RICARDO MARTINELLI saw a... WINDFALL PROFIT OPPORTUNITY AS A...MONEY GREEDY OBSESSED BUSINESS MAN!!!

8 months ago
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