Tocumen International readying for reopening

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With no date set Tocumen International Airport is preparing for a gradual reopening of commercial flights. Currently, activity is limited carrying out humanitarian flights and transporting cargo, medicines and supplies.

On Friday, May 8 more than 150 people were repatriated to the United States and raising the number of humanitarian flights to  different countries  to over 30

The United States Ambassador to Panama, Phillip Laidlaw, highlighted that so far they have been able to facilitate the return of more than 200 Americans. Meanwhile, an air terminal manager said that they have the implementation of various security systems such as the placement of thermal cameras, in addition to alcohol gel and the use of masks.

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Thanks JB, Serious issues about maintaining other people's health and safety, but what really matters is how long you might have to spend in a queue. The world is returning to normalcy!

11 months ago

Flying is one of the most painful experiences right up there with root canal surgery. Long lines, TSA style sexurity checks of baggage twice, gotcha style weigh ins of bags. crummy in flight service and chronically late flights. Now let's add on all the new social distancing and other mandates to this list and it's just not going to be worth it to fly until this virus runs it's course. Imagine how long the checkpoints will be with 6 foot spacing? Damn line will spill outside and around the block, even with half full flights. just not worth the hassle.

Last year
Grace Lindner

Will they re-open on May 22 as was the original plan?

Last year
W Greg Veilleux

Hopefully, they have used this time to repair all the stuff at the terminal, escalators, moving sidewalks, leaking urinals etc!

Last year
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