Ranchers warn of  deteriorating industry, farms loss

MILK down the drain

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PANAMA ranchers have warned that the conditions of the agricultural sector continue to deteriorate,  and farmers are in danger of losing their properties. while waiting for action from President Juan Carlos Varela  who they believe  is living up to his tortoise label in the closing months of his administration 

 In a letter t to the Varela, carrying bearing which bears the signature of Aquiles Acevedo, president of the National Association of Cattle Ranchers (Anagan), the breeders ask the president to grant them the opportunity to meet with him to evaluate the results of the measures adopted on August 16, to which are added the specific agreements of the meeting at the Hotel Cubitá de Chitré and those reached on January 10, 2019.

Acevedo told Varela that the sector has deteriorated, to such an extent that the milk receiving plants predict cuts in production, and that livestock prices, far from rising, continue to fall.

"The performance requirement has not been effective in stopping large imports of meat from Nicaragua and milk from Costa Rica," they said insisted and they fear the current scenario threatens to lead to the loss of their properties.




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Other countries have a climate better suited for agriculture. Also more productive.

7 months ago

Why is meat and milk being imported from other countries? I do not understand this. Panamá has a lot of expats and tourists who want Panamanian food. Also, with the civil unrest in Nicaragua do we really want to eat their meat? Everything you need to eat and live good is right here in Panamá. That's why people come here.

7 months ago
Ramona V Rhoades

Agree. Nicaragua is in such turmoil - how can we be sure any of their products are even inspected, have any kind of control. We just don't buy imported meat, dairy. This should be a no brainer, even to a snail.

7 months ago
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