Panama municipality sued for $376,000 over road “improvements”

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Two  lawsuits totaling $376,000 have been filed against the Municipality of Panama for economic damages caused by the urban intervention works on  Via  Argentina in the Bella Vista district of Panama.

The first was filed by the firm Calvera, Oro & Asociados, representing the company Animal Brew Pub & Café, requiring payment of $ 183,000, while the second was filed s promoted by the same firm representing Ferretotal, SA, which Claims $193,000

The first demand has the magistrate Luis Fábrega, as a speaker and the second, Abel Zamorano.

The revitalization of Via Argentina the Argentine highway has a price tag of $25 million and is carried out by Constructora Urbana, SA (CUSA).  Municipal authorities estimate that it will be ready by the end of June or the beginning of July.

 Agapito González, Legal Director of the Municipality of Panama, underlined that in the case of Animal Brew they were notified and soon will present an explanatory report on behavior.  "Once we are notified of the other demand, we will present our disclaimers," he said.

There was no  reported comment from Mayor Isobel Blandon, who after his failed presidential bid will leave office at monthDeputy Mayor, Raisa Banfield , maintained that, without detracting from the impact that the execution of the works had on some businesses, it should be noted that now there is more influx of people in the premises and economic activity increases. "We understand the demands for compensation, but the environment of the area place has been improved," she said.

Since April 2017, when the project began, several businesses closed or were flooded by the works leaving social media commentators to label the street Via Venice-minus the gondolas.


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