Panama Liquified Natural Gas hub for Central America

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With the opening of the AES Colón fuel plant on Friday, October 18 Panama is ready to distribute liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the countries of Central America and from 2020 to export.

 The construction of the project on Telfers Island took four years and was executed 100% with a private investment of $ 1.150 billion, (51.1% of AES Corp. and 49.9% of its partner Inversiones Bahía).

 With this operation, it  becomes the first hub of liquefied natural gas in Central America

The plant has a gas storage tank of 180,000 cubic meters and  a shipping terminal with the capacity to serve large-scale vessels, from 3,000 to 175,000 cubic meters for loading and unloading.

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Panama has been doing fuel oil bunker services for many years and a significant number of vessels take bunkers here before and after canal transits. You must have spotted the Island off Taboga which was levelled for this purpose in addition to many other locations where this activity takes place.

7 months ago
Brian O'Grady

Panama needs to build on this by storing cargo ship bunker fuel. Singapore has been very successful making itself the premier shipping hub in the far east by meeting all the needs of the shipping business.

7 months ago
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