Panama can’t face 5 years without reform

Changes needed in Assembly

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 Panamanian democracy  cannot face another five years without adjustments, and today is a golden opportunity for change  says the   Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture on a statement released on Sunday, May 18.

 With the aim of "not obstructing the dynamics of national development" the members of the  Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) advocate the method of  two assemblies to reform the Constitution of the Republic.

For this reason, the Chambe  hopes that  President  Juan Carlos Varela, will include the constitutional reforms in the extraordinary sessions of the National Assembly.

The chamber has  promoted a package of  reforms to the Constitution and many other organizations and citizens have joined the  national clamor reports La Prensa.

"Our union has expressed its support for the constitutional reforms presented by the advisory group of the National Development Agreement," Cciap recalled.

The business union hopes that these reforms "can be approved in the coming days by the full National Concertation" with the objective that the Executive Branch include them in the call for extraordinary sessions and "be subsequently ratified by the renewed National Assembly" after the elections on May 5 and which begins sessions on July 1.

"We have a golden opportunity and we must seize it. The time is now, " say guild members.

"We trust that if the current president of the Republic presents this package of reforms, they will be favorably received by the Legislative Body," the statement added, emphasizing that "history has shown that the most effective reforms are those that have been developed by the two-assembly method. "

Panamanian institutionality, according to Cciap, cannot face another five years "without the adjustments required to strengthen democracy" in the country with a separation of State powers and an independent administration of justice and transparent government management.


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This eleventh hour request by the coalition of business interests, sets off all alarms. The prospect of "not obstructing the dynamics of national development", being asked of an outgoing president who will be in need of a new job, reflects what we're seeing in developed countries that have turned to ultra capitalist leaders. The first and most obvious fear of this happening, will be an exchange of big rewards in the future of the facilitators, for the relaxing of environmental, banking, and personal protections for the rest of us. It's a request to sell out The People, on the old administration's way out the door, in exchange for benefits to big business and the financial future of those who secure it. If Varela has ever worked for The People, now is the time to prove it. No legislation without full review and consideration from all perspectives!

6 months ago
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