OPINION: Panama's good news week

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The foreign direct investment received by Panama in 2018 was over  $5.548.billion a figure that is $979.7 million higher than the previous year. This news adds to the string of good news in economic matters of recent days, including the improvement of the country's credit rating, and the elimination of a list of jurisdictions favorable to money laundering that included Panama. These data by themselves do not represent an improvement in the standard of living of ordinary citizens, but they establish a highly positive business environment that will result in more and better jobs, a greater creation of companies and even an expansion of credit for Panamanians. . It is naive to assume that only these external factors will lift the economy, however, the conditions are in place so that the new government can act responsibly with the finances of the State attending to the problem of Social Security, the growing public debt and the proliferation of subsidies. Only the hard work of all can consolidate Panama as a healthy and prosperous economy - LA PRENSA, Mar. 13

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