New Supreme Court  appointments bring a ray of hope

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The new board of directors of the Supreme Court, chaired by Judge María Eugenia López Arias, represents an opportunity “to make the administration of justice a timely, impartial and effective system says Jose Ramón Icaza, president of  Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture.

"The recent appointments bring a light of hope, not only because of their respective careers but because the president [Laurentino Cortizo] announced full support, which includes additional resources for the effective implementation of the Judicial Career," Icaza emphasized.

In this sense, Icaza said that this objective can be achieved by appealing to "all the tools at its disposal, including from democratic values ​​to the promotion and development of cooperation relations and inter-institutional, public and private technical assistance."

According to Icaza, A generalized perception of impunity is the source of some of the problems that the country faces, from the inclusion and permanence of Panama in the gray lists to the decrease in the attraction of direct foreign investment. ”

Icaza said that he expects from López Arias "an open communication and consensual actions with the forces of this country so that between them the bases are established for the consolidation of democracy, the social and constitutional State."



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George Klk

Panama: Panama is Home to the Son of the Devil! I hate the hypocrisy with a fervor. ALL THOSE CRIMES BY MARTINELLI... $BILLIONS!!! Martinelli is the most hated name with his brutal slapping campaign! It is absolutely sick and... UNBEABLE!!! And the courts let him go and now... there is hope??? What sickening pit of the stomach, hypocrisy. If I was there in my native land... I would be the terrorist!!! Lashing out with hate against all those court magistrate hypocrites! I am trying desperately not to read anything on Panama. I need psychiatric help, man, no joke!

10 days ago
Panama Newsroom

There are 18x more Covid cases in Panama than there was 1 single month ago. The FREE vaccines do not prevent you from getting Ómicron, but it DOES VASTLY, by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, increase your chances of not dying in a puddle of your own phlegm and blood. Get vaccinated, or get ready to collect your Darwin Trophy. At this point it’s ok to laugh at the deaths of the unvaccinated. There are less anti vax posters here recently because a lot of them are hilariously DEAD.

10 days ago

Hey do they do Nuremberg stuff? I know some people…what? Nuremberg code isn’t a law anywhere? Oh. Fuck. I should read the Wikipedia page at least before I trip balls and WRITE ALL CAPS NONSENSE THAT ISNT TRUE.

10 days ago
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