It's official - weekend lockdown ends March 6, movies reopen

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The  Executive Decree, which lifts the total weekend quarantine from March 6, was promulgated in the Official Gazette on Friday, February 26.

The decree also ordered the reactivation of some activities in several provinces

From March 6, in the provinces of Panama, Panama Oeste, Coclé, Herrera, Los Santos and Veraguas, the quarantine on Saturdays and Sundays will cease to apply, which began from 10:00 pm, Friday until 4:00: 00 am, Monday.

However, the curfew is maintained throughout the country, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 pm, until 4:00 am

On March 6 movie theaters, casinos and sports fields for recreational use in Panama and Panama Oeste.

The establishments "must limit capacity to 50%, which includes r employees,”  to avoid crowds in internal or external areas, as well as on their premises and comply with the biosecurity guidelines and the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health ” says the decree.

In the province of Herrera, operations will also be reactivated on March 1 in car washes, tailor shops, shoe stores, creative and cultural industries, with the exception of cinemas.

Dance activities, discos, private parties and shows are still prohibited.








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I’d throw my mask to the wind in an instant if not for the hassle of a fine. As it stands, I must take a “breather” from mask wearing after 30-minutes and drop it to my chin while driving just to avoid the lightheadedness from adequate oxygen/CO2 exchange. BTW: this isn’t a QAnon thing, his highness Fauci at one time proclaimed mask wearing unnecessary before he flip-flopped. Also, explain Florida. Explain numerous studies that prove masks don’t offer the protection claimed and at the most, MAY be called for when you can’t social distance or are just passing by another person (less than 10-minute contact) — and, wearing masks should be required if you’re feeling unwell or have received a Covid jab. The latter is necessary since it has been suggested by SCIENCE that vaccinated persons may transmit or be prone to acquire Covid despite the jab as stated by the industry, it neither makes you immune nor non-infectious. I’ll wait for SCIENCE to proclaim these people are truly safe to be around, thank you very much. Let’s stick to what has been proven; it’s not necessary to discredit/or divisiveness by name call (QAnon) because you can’t defend an opinion through fact or logic. Oh ya or his opinion does not need to be canceled; Observer, try for once to put forth a cognizant argument.

1 month ago
Oh ya

When does this BS with the masks stop 🛑

1 month ago

There speaks a medical expert from QAnon

1 month ago
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