Incompetence wherever you look

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The Panamanian State has legal instruments to collect from Odebrecht the money that it promised to pay in fines, after recognizing the payment of bribes to officials of previous governments. They are $ 220 million, of which it has paid a part, but never honored the commitments corresponding to 2019, 2020, and 2021. Odebrecht has investments in Panama and unfinished state works, the payments of which can serve to amortize its debt, but the diligence of the officials to assert our rights as victims is more than reprehensible. It is the same negligence that other government actors are proud of, such as the comptroller, who not only folds his arms while the mayors continue to abuse their position, increasing their income to $10,000 or more but has justified them, opening the doors wide for these cheeks to steal by the handful while he goes to the Assembly to scrub us that he does not intend to do anything. In other words, the assault is justified if other scoundrels approve. As things are going, Panamanians could not only do without the deputies but also the comptroller. Incompetence wherever you look. – LA PRENSA, Jan. 9.





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Political Analysis & Strait Shooter

EXO-CD24 and Pluristem Medications are meant for people who have been infected by covid-19, Delta variant, Omicron variant, and are in the hospital. If President Biden, Fauci, Dr. Gupta, CDC, and the FDA were all genuinely concerned about saving the lives of all those Americans dying in US hospitals all across the US, they would have  been buying all the supplies they could get their hands on from the available treatments from Israel.  One is called EXO-CD24 which is a medication, not a vaccine, that saves lives.  The other is Pluristem, which is a Haifa, Israel based company.  These medications provided a new lease on life for those people who have been infected by covid-19, Delta variant, Omicron variant, or infected after receiving a vaccination, and are in the hospital.   These medications are good for the un vaccinated as well as those who have been vaccinated and infected. When these patients are treated with these medications, patients get out of the hospital within 5 days, not months.  This is how you save lives and free up hospital beds, and keep patients off ventilators, without only relying on gene therapies and modified viruses now miss labeled as vaccines.  My response to all of the US media scare tactics.  You need to be asking yourself why, since they could be helping these people who are dying in the hospitals all across America.  Now hospitals are deciding who lives and who dies.  Case in point, Idaho's "crisis in standard of care", which means rationed healthcare, making life and death decisions. Answer the question, if the US government is so concerned, why won't they use proven medications that are available to save lives and free up space in hospitals? No, they would rather let people die while they wait for a US pharmaceutical company like Merck and Pfizer to come up with a substandard medicine that has only a 50% Efficacy rate compared to 93% to 100% from both Israeli companies.  The Pfizer and the Modena covid-19 vaccines are derived from fetal cells, which is a mRNA medication.  The Merck product is based on geneticly altered viruses which are reprogrammed as a Trojan virus to attack the coronavirus.  BOOSTERS  Will be Needed for Life GLOBAL MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION Before 2021 the COVID injections could not be considered as a vaccine. A vaccine before 2021 and the covid-19 pandemic, went from being "a product that produces immunity and therefore protects the body from disease" to "a gene therapy drug that is used to stimulate the body's immune response against disease, with no life time immunity like past vaccines."  "The covid-19 gene therapy injections are now called vaccines" which do not produce immunity, so they do not provide protection against disease in the traditional sense. All these gene therapy injections do is stimulate an immune response to a certain disease.  Gene therapy injections will help keep your symptoms from being as severe, so they say, which means that it won't be helpful in producing herd immunity, nor stop the spread of the virus, since those who have received these gene therapy injections still can be infected and spread the virus, just like the unvaccinated who have not received these gene therapy injections.  Based upon the above science, there are no longer scientific grounds to support the definition of herd immunity as to covid-19.  The new idea to achieve herd immunity, is to protect people from the virus, not expose them to it," which  ignores the billions of people who have been naturally infected throughout history with measles, mumps and chickenpox, among other infectious diseases, and now enjoy permanent immunity against them, unlike what happens when applying vaccines whose effect is diminished and that requires regular booster shots.  Side effects of each vaccine can disable people for the rest of their lives or even take their life.  01/07/2022:  Breaking News: Broncho Vaxom would help with all variants of Covid-19. The scientific name for Broncho Vaxom is OM-85 bacterial lysate. The drug Broncho Vaxom, an immunostimulant used to prevent respiratory tract infections, even in children, is effective against Covid-19. The scientific finding on the pretreatment of cells with OM-85, used for almost 60 years, which prevents infection by SARS-CoV-2, was carried out by Dr. Donata Vercelli; Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Arizona, together with Janko Nikolich-Zugich, member of BIO5, and Jennifer Uhrlaub, associate research scientist. The research of Vercelli and team was supported in part by OM Pharma SA, the BIO5 Institute and by the National Institute of Environmental Health of the National Institutes of Health of the United States. Let's see if the White House, the CDC, or FDA will start mentioning this therapy or not.  Or will they stick with vaccinations?  The United States is in this mess because, the US government is being run by mediocre career politicians, from the President on down, who are controlled by major corporations and industries like the pharmaceutical industry through their lobbiest, and political campaign funding through campaign PACs.

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Brian’s Mom

Funny story. Evil Retarded Smelly Brian was conceived in the bus station men’s room! There were 10 or 15 clients that day, so not sure who his father is. A lot of Evil Smelly Retarded guys have laid pipe in this old cooch. But I have told Evil Smelly Retarded Brian his father was called “Mr. Bitchute”.

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Panama Newsroom

There are 18x more Covid cases in Panama than there was 1 single month ago. The FREE vaccines do not prevent you from getting Ómicron, but it DOES VASTLY, by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, increase your chances of not dying in a puddle of your own phlegm and blood. Get vaccinated, or get ready to collect your Darwin Trophy. At this point it’s ok to laugh at the deaths of the unvaccinated. There are less anti vax posters here recently because a lot of them are hilariously DEAD. Incompétence is the Stripper Name of Evil Retarded Smelly Brian. If you are at the bus station, and need a handjob, check out Brian’s Mom! She is experienced all will look at you with her FAMOUS 1000 cock stare!

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