Ill fated cruise ship allowed to transit Panama Canal

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 After days of being denied entry to ports along the South American coast while loaded with suspected coronavirus cases the beleaguered Zaandam cruise ship,  has been granted permission to transit the Panama Canal

Panama’s government gave the OK on  Saturday, March 28 the vessel; which is anchored in Panamanian waters, and where the. death of four passengers and the contagion by coronavirus of at least two of its occupants has been confirmed

The Ministry of Health (Minsa), said the decision was taken jointly with the advisers to the Covid-19 committee and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

On March 25, when the National Government, through the Minsa, decreed the total quarantine measure in the country, it was determined that vessels that did not comply with the required sanitary measures could not transit the Canal, due to the by Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to this, the Panamanian authorities had prohibited the passage of the boat owned by the Holland America Line company. But on  Saturday the measure was re-evaluated "in accordance with the health regulations to provide humanitarian aid that allows it to continue to its destination," said the Minsa statement.

"Transit by the interoceanic route will be allowed to continue their trip to Europe, but no passenger or crew member of this vessel may disembark on Panamanian soil.”

On Saturday morning, the ship's passengers were transferred to the Rotterdam cruise ship, also from Holland America Line, said the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

Rotterdam traveled from San Diego, in the United States, to Panama to assist the cruise ship with supplies, personnel and coronavirus test kits.

According to the company, 53 passengers and 85 crew members reported flu symptoms to the Zaandam medical center.

This ship et sail on March 6 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and ended in the Bay of Panama after Peru and Chile did not allow passengers to disembark.

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