High speed Chiriqui rail link feasibility study

The first plans on paper

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 Engineers from the Chinese company CRDC have presented the preliminary results of the feasibility study for the construction of a Panama-Chiriqui high speed rail link said President, Juan Carlos Varela on Friday, March 1.

"The final results of will soon be delivered by the Government of the People's Republic of China," the president said. The study has been done with non-reimbursable cooperation funds from China, at the request of the government of Panama.

"Regarding the proposal of the Government of Panama to build a railway, the Chinese side considered that in the case of a large infrastructural issue, a serious feasibility study had to be carried out beforehand," said  Chinese ambassador to Panama Wei Qiang in November.

He said that the decision to build or not the railroad will depend on the Government of Panama.

The agreement signed between the two countries would be for the possible construction of a transport and cargo train with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It would take two hours and 30 minutes to get to David and an hour and 30 minutes to Santiago, in Veraguas province.

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Absolutely the dumbest idea to be put forth. China will probably recommend it ti be built. China will provide the loan to Panama. China will run it with the Panamanian government and when it becomes unfeasible to make a profit, China will throw in more money and more money to keep it going. Eventually,China will foreclose on it years down the road Panama will be unabale to pay back the loan. China will then take it and own the railroad outright. That along with the ports on either end of the canal and then they will try for the canal. Yes we are talking years away but the current government it seems is very naive when it comes to China. Beware of the golden carrot!!!!!!!!!! Drop out of this railroad idea with China. China has done this before to other vulnerable countries. Look up their history!!!!! Pres. Varella, don't be fooled by the offer of help. It is not help. It is a trap for you and future generations!!!

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