“Grave  danger” Casco  Viejo hotel fined $100,000

Casa Lola hotel

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A hotel, near the presidency in   Panama's historic Casco Viejo said to pose a "grave danger" to people and the historic monument has been slapped with a $100,000 fine.

 The Casa Lola hotel was fined, after the  National Directorate of Historical Heritage determined alleged legal breaches.

In a June resolution, the director in charge, Linette Montenegro, enumerated the breaches which the representatives of Casa Lola would have incurred, like building without the corresponding permits a terrace that is used as a restaurant.

"The roof of the staircase is being used as a deck to place tables and awnings, which is not approved ", says the Historical Heritage. resolution.

Among the motivations for the sanction, is a report from the Fire Department of March 18, which details that Casa Lola "violates human security and neighboring properties", not having an occupancy permit.

It says that the property represents a "danger for the people who visit it", because "it does not have electric power and at present, it keeps operating with an electric generator, which can represent damage to public health" .

In March, La Prensa revealed that Casa Lola without having building or occupation permits, operates with 29 rooms and 2 restaurants. The hotel is a short distance from the Presidential Palace.

Montenegro said that Casa Lola is "a repeat offender in not complying with the regulations " that regulates the historical monumental complex when executing works without permission.

In a technical inspection of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Historical Heritage, works were observed in the place not "contemplated in plans".

“The Directorate of Works and Constructions of the Municipality of Panama and the Fire Department also reported "other irregularities" says the resolution.

It insists that the property does not have a building or occupation permit that has been revised or registered before the Municipality.

Patrimonio Histórico sent a copy of the resolution of the fine to the Tourism Authority, the Municipality of Panama and the firefighters.


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