Fourth Canal bridge on hold

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The Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal will not be built this year say government sources as the money intended for the Chinese construction company will go to pay debts left behind by the previous administration, which had already handed over $67 million and held a first shovel ceremony by then-president Juan Carlos Varela.

Money previously allocated for the construction will be used to pay agricultural producers.

TheNational Assembly  Budget Committee unanimously approved on Wednesday, August 14, the transfer of $39 million to meet payments in favor of rice, milk and corn producers, between others.

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Paying off your debts is a sign of a maturity and not to be despised.

3 months ago

This is the wrong decision and will push back Panama into the middle age. Worldwide too much money is going into the agricultural sectors. and as we all know this president comes from and opened the money box for himself. Congrats Panama have fun with your subventions to farmer and pass by the future.

3 months ago

The higher paid construction workers will be laid off and they can return to the agriculture jobs, the rice, corn and milk prices will be subsidized to control rising costs

3 months ago
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