First cabinet council axes food authority

President Laurentino Cortizo

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The first  Cabinet Council presided over by  President Laurentino Cortizo, at the National Institute of Agriculture (INA), in Divisa approved on Wednesday, July 3, a proposed law that will eliminate the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (Aupsa).

The initiative was presented and supported by the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama.

The Cabinet, , also endorsed the proposed law called "Study without hunger." The food guarantee initiative will be for public schools and will use only national products. Imports will only be allowed if there is a shortage.

The Cabinet also approved a proposal that transfers the National Secretariat for the Food and Nutritional Security Plan (Senapan) to the Ministry of the Presidency and endorsed the National Water Security Plan and establishes the National Water Council and the Technical Secretariat.

A bill on public-private partnerships presented by the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge also got the green light.

INA Students made a line of honor for the arrival of Cortizo and the Vice president, José Gabriel Carrizo. "I feel very honored," said the president when he was greeted with applause reports TVN.

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I think this is fabulous and a step in the right direction.

Last month

Did he do anything to kick the GMO corn companies out of the country to save the health of his peoplev

Last month
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