Colón strike continues as Cortizo meeting fails

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The Coalition of Unity for Colón (CUCO) will continue the indefinite strike, after getting no concrete answers during Thursday’s meeting with  President Cortizo, who replied that there is more than $877 million invested in projects in Colon.

Edgardo Voitier, a member of CUCO, said that the president did not refer to the main problems that were demanded such as the high cost of living and the increase in fuel prices.

Cortizo announced that in the next few days the order to proceed with the construction of the new Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital will be delivered and a training plan will be created for the employment of colonenses.

He proposed a meeting for Tuesday, May 17, to establish a training plan where a database is made to train Colonenses in the areas required by companies that carry out projects in Colon.

"With this plan, the people of Colon will be employed, the government will contribute 50%, and the private company must get off the bus and support to give work to the people of Colon," said the president.

“The strike continues and is indefinite until there are categorical and forceful responses from the government to the problems of Colón, which include the high cost of living, the increase in fuel, access to water, among other issues,” said Voiter on Telemetro.

The CUCO protests, which are on their fifth day. During the four days there were clashes between demonstrators and the National Police, the latter using tear gas and rubber bullets against people who protested in various parts of Colón. The confrontation left a police officer with gunshot wounds.

The private sector called for dialogue to leave behind positions that continue to affect third parties and put the physical and material security of the province at risk and that street closures only directly affect the development of the economy.


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