Clinton opens solar park providing power to 30,000 families

1,223Views 0Comments Posted 01/02/2019

A $48 million solar park, Panama's largest covering 100 hectares was inaugurated for the InterEnergy Group in David, Chiriqui on Friday,  February 1 by former US president Bill Clinton, accompanied by Panama President  Juan Carlos Varela. 1.

Clinton, a founding member of the Clinton Foundation, highlighted the importance of saving the planet with the production of clean energy,

The Ikakos park will make an annual contribution of 84.58 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to the energy matrix of Panama, which would meet the electricity demand of 30,000  families

The Energy Supply) Initiative offers large customers in Panama the service of supplying 100% renewable energy for their operations, combining solar, wind and water power with a total installed capacity of 255 MW to 2018. " said Rolando González Bunster, CEO of InterEnergy Group.



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