Businessman whereabouts unknown gets $100,000 bail

Gabriel Btesh

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The elusive businessman Gabriel Btesh, a member of the Ricardo Martinelli inner circle and charged with alleged embezzlement while his whereabouts are unknown has been granted bail of $100,000.

The decision was made by Eleventh Criminal Court, judge Nixela Aizprúa, following a request by Btesh's lawyers and as part of a judicial process for as part of the process for the alleged commission of crimes against public administration to the detriment of the state-owned International Airport from Tocumen SA (Aitsa).

This process began on the basis of a complaint filed in August 21for alleged improper handling of the contract between Aitsa and Republic Parking SA (today Sky Parking SA) that allowed charging for the use of parking lots in the air terminal.

A 2016 audit report by the Office of the Comptroller General, which analyzed the period of the contract - from October 1, 2011 to July 31, 2014 - concluded that the State ceased to receive $ 1.9 million from the direct contract with the company Sky Parking, linked to Btesh.

Btesh was related to the case by a statement by Francisco Pérez Ferreira - who was listed in companies linked to the businessman  - in which he states that Republic Parking was created with a view to obtaining a concession in Tocumen, a state company in which his father Jack Btesh was a member of the board of directors.

In this case, the Public Prosecutor has laid charges and requested the call to trial of former Minister of Economy and Finance Frank De Lima; the former manager of Tocumen, SA Juan Carlos Pino; and  Dionisia Gutiérrez and Jaime Quintero, who were representatives of Republic Parking.




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George Klk

Panama | Ticket Out of Jail Monopoly Game For the Wealthy Panama...Drug Transit Center confiscates $millions...who gets it? Criminals on bail...Where they go? Panama an education center for what? How to survive government corruption? Facts: Panama...secret meetings...hush money / Odebrecht (Pegasus/WhatsApp)...Kenia Porcel (Corrupt)… Former president Varela: [] (Google website) get the facts on corruption. Former president Varela: Close government associates [] reveal favors...$$$. Most of this of course is inadmissible evidence because there was no probable cause... no procedure recommendation for a warrant. Example: Money stolen from PAN involved many parties with actual spending. Only one became the scapegoat for the other guilty parties. No probable search warrant on other parties. Consequences...damage to the state... Panama tax payers pay for it and corruption continues. Imagine Panama in need of a national security military force. Panama would have to lean heavily on China. China / Varela continues secret meetings with Varela's photogenic photos. A narcissist meetings for photos? I hardly think so.

7 months ago
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